Saturday, February 18, 2023 Hachikokushita ground

Saturday, February 18, 2023
Hachikokushita ground
9:00-11:30 a.m.

Preparatory Exercises
Marker Jump
Tag Game
CASQ hurdles
Practice by grade

It was a day when the warm weather returned.
A word of advice from President Kono, who went to the rugby Class A coach training session last week.
He said, “Make many mistakes in practice. Practice without failure will not lead to growth.
These words were very instructive.

Today a new member of our team joined us.
The first was Miss Sakano, who had been announcing at the FAST4, the Saitama tournament at the end of the year, and the Hachioji tournament the other day at the headquarters.
She had heard about Kono Juku from various people and had wanted to come here for a long time.
She has always been a tournament staff member, and I heard that She has a great career in touch rugby , and I hope She will continue to come.
And Embry, who is 6 years old.
She came to Japan from Orlando, Florida, U.S.A., because of her father’s work.
She has just arrived in Japan, but she came with her father.
Both her father and mother are touch rugby players.

Everyone practiced greeting each other in advance to welcome Embry.
Everyone practiced introducing themselves in English before the practice.
Mrs. Emi Teacher
「Nice to meet you.」
「My name is・・・」
Embry joined us from a game of tag.
First, a 6th grade girl escorted her along.
Amazing how these kids tried to communicate proactively even though they don’t speak English!
I could feel their growth.

From this point on, Kono Juku started its English mode.
How do you say “tag” in English?” Devil? Demon?”
Even President Kono, returning from New Zealand, was unable to come up with a single word and pulled away, puzzled.
He forgot English because he never studied.😢
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Coach Katsujiro was next in charge of the CASQ hurdles.

When he appeared in front of everyone, he was Captain Billy from Billy the Boot Camp.
First, he used English and gestures to express his promise to run fast.
①Shoulder Straight!” (Shoulder straight!)
②Elbow back! (Elbows straight back)
③ “What do you call running on your toes? Yes, no heel!・・・
Almost a literal translation, but the gesture and the momentum made the coaching very persuasive.
The coaching was very persuasive.

Katsujiro mode
1, 2, 3 mode
Easy mode
Difficult mode
Very Difficult mode

It was very interesting to the Japanese, but she definitely didn’t get the message.
Good job to the coaches for their hard work.

【Upper & Middle Grades】
We split into two teams and played passing games and touch rugby against each other.
The bibs team was pointed out halfway through the game that the 6th graders were not leading well enough.
But the 6th graders had their own point, and although they were talking to each other, they were perplexed that their words were not being conveyed properly.
What could be conveyed in a single word between upper graders who usually practice together could not be understood by the middle graders in the same way, or they did not think they were being told what to do.
I would try to communicate seriously, but they would get caught up in playing with the grass, or they would rebel.”
I know, I know, middle graders are like that.
But I think the sixth graders have the ability to put things into words and convey them well.
As they think about words and ways of communicating that others can understand
I think they can understand touch rugby more and grow themselves.
I hope they can feel that at some point.

【Early Grades & Toddlers】
About 15 children participated today. Thanks again!
First, let’s communicate with Embry!
The one who showed his high communicative ability here was Ryu, renamed Dragon!
He changed his name to “Ryu => Dragon ” as he introduced himself.

After getting to know each other a little better, they competed in the well-known 3-step roll.
Embry was a little confused by her first “3-step roll,” but in the end, she was able to shorten the time significantly with her high sequencing ability. Wonderful!

Finally, we were divided into three teams for a red-white-and-white competition.
Embry, who was a little confused, was gently escorted by the Dragon!
They taught them how to kick a ball and roll a ball.
And to the other team, he encourages discovery by saying,
“You know what I’m talking about! and encourages the other team to be more discerning.
I was so impressed that they could do such a thing.
That’s great, Dragon!
However, I was reminded of the severity of the competition by the other team that was attacking aggressively, whether they knew how he was feeling or not.

Embry was doing his best in a team with a different language and culture,
but towards the end of the game, he finally cried because he didn’t know what to do.

Sorry, I guess I could feel how difficult it was for him.

If only the coach had a little more communicative ability & English skills….
I hope you don’t learn from this and come back to play with us again.


The language barrier is bigger than you might imagine.
When I went to NZ, I was homesick because I could not understand the language.
I always had a dictionary in my hand.
It took me a long time to answer and I was annoyed, but my friends helped me at that time.

I want to speak English more.
I need to study more.
Don’t forget to learn.

It was a very wonderful experience for us.

I wish I could speak more.

Thank you.

Now recruiting members!
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Would you like to learn rugby skills and leadership?
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Activity Location
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501 Komiya-cho, Hachioji-shi
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